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Chef Stainless

Chef Stainless is our business unit that specializes in high quality, residential and commercial consumer products. Under the Chef Stainless umbrella we also offer our, and Krisper product lines as well.

Chef Stainless comes from a heritage of high quality products, derived from the restaurant industry. With our manufacturing partners world-wide, we are able to offer our consumers a great selection of products at an incredible value. From kitchen utensils, to seating, Chef Stainless makes it happen!


Kascar Aluminum Chairs is your source for the highest quality aluminum seating. Our product is available to be used indoors and out! It's classic, sleek design compliments everything from a restaurant to your home or office decor.


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The Krisper®
The Krisper® is a unique kitchen appliance that is designed to keep you dry foods crispy and fresh. It's sleek brushed stainless steel finish looks great with any kitchen d�r. The Krisper® is so efficient; it takes up less electricity than an alarm clock! Looking for a great gift to give? The Krisper® will be used and loved for many years!


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